Regression #3 Review

If you go back and read my last Regression review, you’ll see that I was concerned about the direction of this series as well as its progression. After reading the second issue, I felt disconnected – I felt as though I was missing the point. Clearly, though, I wasn’t concerned enough to give up on the series and quit reading. Going into this issue, I was leery, but overall, I’m glad that I picked this one up. Did Issue #3 redeem the series? Perchance.

Exactly what is going on isn’t clear, but in Issue #3, writer Cullen Bunn reveals information that sheds light into some of Regression’s darker corners. I welcome this light, as it has inspired me to continue reading.

I had expected the story to continue to shock me, but again, as I had referenced in my last review, Issue #1 came out swinging, and thus since then, I don’t think that Bunn has managed to raise the stakes enough. The plot is becoming darker as it thickens. But, while I am mostly pleased with this issue, I still would like to have another issue of Regression turn my stomach some before it progresses too much further.

Artist Danny Luckert does a well enough job with this one, but I prefer it when Regression’s pages are infested with bugs and littered with guts. I don’t blame Luckert for the recent lack of nasty stuff, but I certainly do prefer his more brutal work.

Issue #3 is an improvement from Issue #2, but there is still some work to do. Regardless, I’ll be reading the next issue.

Regression #3
The Bottom Line
Regression has improved since the last issue, but I am still looking for more than I am getting. There is potential, but changes have to be made. I'm still looking for more of the intensity that the initial issue offered.
We're getting back on track
Still isn't turning my stomach
What happened to the intensity?