Image gives us another artist-writer-creator controlled anthology, this time with three stories. The first one called “Mushroom Bodies” is a stomach churning psychological horror story that explores a soon to be married young man’s fears and insecurities and is mostly successful with it.

The second “Sagittarius A” is a short introduction of a space opera of some kind. Hotshot pilot/war hero, mysterious accident in a science lab, but not much else to go on. I would have liked to see a lot more of this story, at least enough to gauge if it was any good. The third “Amnia Cycle” is also science fiction with maybe an extra-dimensional/time travel twist to it. Of the three, the horror story is self-contained and appropriately creepy. The others are intriguing, but still too early to tell.

By and large, I have no objection to this multiple story format, but that two of these are ongoing they have the unintended consequence of competing against each other. To work, they would all have to be extremely strong so as not to blend together into a bland noise. Unfortunately, Paklis would have worked better to concentrate on one story as a standalone.

The Bottom Line
A nice taste of some decent science fiction melodrama. The artwork exceeds the writing by a fair bit making the overall impression unbalanced.
The first story is the best of the bunch with gruesome enough body horror and twisted psychological and emotional notes throughout.
Characters are somewhat two dimensional, maybe as the chapters unfold they will become more fleshed out.