Orphan Black: Deviations #3 Review

It’s A Clone-A-Palooza

I feel like I’m betraying the sestras by not liking this comic. I want to like it. I’m curious about what could have happened under different circumstances. Certainly, the vast Neolution et al. conspiracies are fertile ground for plenty of drama, action, and intrigue. Unfortunately, none of that shows up in this issue. Instead, we get info dumps and name checks.

What’s going on with Vic? Well, let’s pretend he is a viable suspect. Katya’s still alive, let’s inexplicably give her knowledge of MK. With so many clones aware of each other at the same time in the same place, there is just not enough for them all to do.

Helena’s finally introduced, but by way of explanation she just happens to drop a Ukrainian manufactured pistol that Beth finds and immediately recognizes. Duko and the ambulance crew find Beth in the gutter and deliver her to Evie Cho. Everybody except the Castors and the Duncans are present, but none of this version of the story makes sense unless the reader is familiar with the show and has stayed with it as far as the fourth season.

Orphan Black: Deviations #3
The Bottom Line
Fans of the show might like this, but any chance of engaging a new audience has been abandoned.
Scott makes his first suitably awkward appearance.
Sarah is conveniently in a place to witness the nighttime probes and no one notices her.