Fast moving and smart, this is one title that sustains the excitement from issue to issue. The Old Guard is constant and gripping on every page. Regardless of how or why they got to be the way they are I am with them every step of the way. Eternal warriors are nothing new, but these seem entirely believable. World-weary and philosophic, but deadly and unremorseful, except when it comes to family, as it should be. I want them to win. I cringe when they bleed and their treacheries are mine as well.

This badass actioner never slacks, never relents, and never gives up. The pain of living with the affliction of near immortality vies against the need to find something worth living for and after thousands of years, the conflict is crushing.

The life of violence and destruction is met with a betrayal from one of their own, but after retrieving the rest of the crew Andy does the worst thing possible the un-killable traitor: she exiles him. “Life means nothing if it isn’t worth living.” This is one comic worth reading.

The Old Guard #5
The Bottom Line
A non-stop thrill ride with intelligence and heart.
No complaints here.