The Magdalena #4 Review

“At 21 Years Old, You Represent The Great Wickedness Of Rebellion And Sin.”

In the aftermath of Marchosias the Duke of Hell’s duplicity, Maya forces Blackwood to lead her to him, knowing that Patience would need her help. The showdown goes as one would expect and the two of the bloodline band together to vanquish evil. Compared to some of the sequences in earlier issues, this boss fight is rather underwhelming. It isn’t gross or loud or particularly surprising. It’s pretty talky actually. We came a long way for not much payoff.

The Magdalena bloodline is now a sisterhood and Patience has seemed to have left Maya in charge of L.A. regional demon smiting while she goes off to round up the potentials. This is a nice development for future stories, but the here and now needs to be better.

We find out in the final scene that Blackwood is as weasel-y as ever. He shows up at his family’s home at the end, and he is immediately and conveniently given an ancient magic tome for his twenty-first birthday. Of course, we haven’t seen the last of him, and it is possible that he may evolve into a villain of consequence and worthy adversary. One can always hope.

The Magdalena #4
The Bottom Line
A consistent and enjoyable stab-y romp with no real surprises.
Maya is gearing up to be a formidable champion.
Enough with Shilpa’s thesis about cults.