Magdalena Vol. 4 #3The struggle of good versus evil continues and the wielders of the Spear have made some progress in their struggle. Over the weeks Maya has come along in her training, though maybe not fast enough as Patience is still wounded. A delivery of Holy Swords should help, but there seems to be strings attached. Blackwood continues to be a threat, but he is merely a nuisance compared to the real threat.

The conflict is demon driven. The human actors are pawns and though they survive it is a wonder as to how long they can continue. There is a larger battle unfolding, but it is unclear how far the conspiracy stretches. We have to be patient, I guess.

The dialogue is smart and the pop culture references are applicable. The action moves the story well and the levels of mystery prop up the otherwise familiar story. As far as story about the diabolical go, this one is engaging and clever.

The Magdalena #3
The Bottom Line
A nice take on the relic holding defender of humanity, with good dialogue and vibrant artwork.
Modern sensibilities and humor.
Familiar and somewhat predicable.