Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #3 Review

“Her Body Appears To Be Missing”

The crazy doesn’t get in the way of telling a cohesive and exciting story at all. In Grrl Scouts anything is possible and if it is an alien or hallucination that is giving the orders, it doesn’t really matter if the audience doesn’t know for sure which it is. Or it could be a demon or tentacled old god or something so long as Gwen and Rita have a mission. Whatever happens next will not be dull.

There are factions and conspiracies and magical elements that will work cross purposes. There is social commentary between the lines, Josie will certainly be made to pay, and we know we haven’t seen the last of the previously quite dead Daphne. There is so much going on that the Magic Socks are almost secondary to the motivation, and it is all starting to make sense.

As weird and disjointed as the story appears to be on the surface, all the pieces are starting to come together to make for an interesting story of betrayal and revenge wrapped around fantasy and tied up with a truly punk aesthetic. That’s what great about this book, there is no way of knowing where it will fly off to next or how hard it is going to land.

Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #3
The Bottom Line
In the risk versus reward metric Mahfood has created a brilliant artifact of unique ability in an explosive and relentless tale where every page is a sight to behold.
Insanity and anarchy never looked so much fun before.
You’re either on the bus or off the bus.