Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks # 2 Review

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

So we get some back story on the Magic Socks, all ancient and alien and all that good stuff. And it turns out that both Daphne and Josie are crazy and evil and whoever gets the socks and unlocks the power will rule the world.

This second installment is just as loud and anarchic and wild as the first and even more fun. The violence is over the top, the language smart and snarky. The artworks bold and crazed like a hallucinogenic explosive sucker punch right between the eyes. You’ll never see it coming, but it is bound to knock you out.

Mahfood’s vision is fearless and shameless and a great deal of fun. This is the epitome of punk rock juvenile delinquency updated to the twenty-first century wrapped up in a nice neat packed smothered in gasoline and set on fire. It should come with the warning of “light fuse get away” that everyone will of course ignore, and rightly so.

Grrl Scouts jumps off the page and dazzles with its lack of restraint and is all the more enjoyable for that. It’s not trying to be anything but its own thing and that’s fantastic. I have no idea what will happen next, but it is sure to be outrageous.

Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks # 2
The Bottom Line
Wild and weird, but with a solid story that’s only just beginning to open up. I’m on board for the ride.
Crazy and stupid but in a good way.
Try not to take it too seriously.