Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual #1 Review

Having a crossover issue between Space Ghost and Green Lantern sounds like a good idea, right? Yeah, maybe it could work, but I wouldn’t bet that it would be a comic worth reading. Oh wait, it’s already happened…great…let’s do this.

So, what’s Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual #1 about? From the publisher:

“Trapped in a strange rift in time, Green Lantern and Space Ghost are forced to battle a variety of foes—and each other! And even if they manage to survive, they will be thrown into a world with no concept of interstellar travel—or even what an alien is! Stripped of their weapons by a xenophobic culture, the duo will have to battle to regain them—but what happens when Space Ghost dons the Emerald Ring and Hal Jordan put on the Power Bands?”

I feel for writers Chris Sebela and James Tynion because figuring out a fitting story for this crossover must have been quite a task. In the end, though, the two writers did, in fact, come up with a story that should be entertaining to fans of both the Green Lantern and Space Ghost, and in short, the story worked. Sebela and Tynion also made the most out of the extended ‘annual’ length, which I appreciate, because most times,  the additional page-space isn’t properly utilized.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Ariel Olivetti’s illustrations of Green lantern and Space Ghost, the whole, different background style threw me off. I get it, really, I do, but I was not a fan, and at times, I felt this stylistic clash to be quite distracting. The space scenes were cool, but once Hal and Space Ghost were on land the look of this book got wonky.

This book gets some bonus points because it made me feel good. I very much enjoyed the ending of this tale as well as its message, which, I think is fitting considering the times that we are facing as Americans…but that’s enough about that…

I want to finish this review off, and/or leave you with something that made me smile. Below, you’ll see a preview page provided by DC where, when asked to conjure something scary, Hal Jordan creates a giant Batman to scare the daylights out of his attacker. Thus proving, that Batman is terrifying regardless of what universe you’re in.

Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual #1
The Bottom Line
While I can't recommend this book to all comic fans, I do think that some will get a kick out of it. For me, the art didn't work, but the story was decent enough and made me feel good...
Batman is terrifying regardless of what universe you're in
The artwork was a bit distracting
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