Green Lanterns #26 Review

Albeit entertaining, Green Lanterns #26 feels miscalculated and out of place. A whole lot of momentum was lost with this issue, and whether the series will recover relies on Green Lanterns #27. This issue is far from being ‘bad’ or poorly written, but the timing is off. Despite knowing otherwise, this issue feels like the start of a new arc rather than the continuation of one. Overall though, as a long time Green Lantern fan, I did enjoy the issue.

This issue’s pacing was slower than I prefer, but it wasn’t boring. Not necessarily action packed, Green Lanterns #26 crept along and retained interest and excitement by digging deep into the history of the GLC. Reading about Volthoom and essentially what was the birth of the GLC kept me turning pages, and smiling throughout my read.

Not knowing what happened to Simon and Jessica after they disappeared in the previous issue left me feeling out of touch with them and the story that they were a part of. Readers are promised that they’ll catch up with the newest Green Lanterns next issue, but I would have preferred a cliffhanger this issue that offered a glimpse at their whereabouts.

I can keep nitpicking, but I think I’ve made my point. I’m still a fan and plan on sticking around, this one just didn’t work for me.

Green Lanterns #26 Review
The Bottom Line
A whole lot of momentum was lost with this issue, and while there was an interesting unloading of information, not seeing Jessica or Simon left me feeling disconnected.
Volthoom insight
No Jessica. No Simon.
We know a lot of the backstory already.