Extremity #6 Review


Lest we begin to think that Extremity was becoming all sensitive and touchy-feely this issue is chock full of all the blood and mayhem that we have come to expect. We wanted an epic battle and we got one. The showdown between the forces of the Roto and the Paznina holds more impaling than lopping but still contains enough death and gore to satisfy. We see all the carnage we could want but there’s not much else. That’s OK though because the overt conflict needs space too.

The major plot point that Thea chooses to save Rollo and is disowned by her father is telling and tragic, but leaves the issue with too much of a cliff hanger. It probably needs to be fleshed out more. Hobbie has a hero’s reward, which was the real emotional center, but this chapter feels unbalanced after all the time that has been spent in consideration of family and duty and the value and perils of revenge.

I look forward to seeing what happens next with Abba having to face himself after the loss of his children. What price is too high? How will he live with himself? Will Shiloh get a new battery?

Extremity #6
The Bottom Line
A solid entry in the series leaving the reader asking for more.
The action and battle sequences are unparalleled – well worth the price of admission.
There is far too little meaningful dialogue to sustain the story.