Extremity #5 Review

“Cure This Blackness In Me”

Light and dark. Art and butchery. Good and evil. What had started out looking like nothing more than an excuse for hacking and slashing, blood and gore and the lopping off of limbs has become much more delicate and personal. Apparently, Extremity is about love and loss and what happens when cruelty breaks otherwise good people. That’s not to say that the exquisite gore is gone, it certainly is not, and there’s is plenty of vengeance and brutality to go around, but we are reminded that it wasn’t always that way and at least two characters suspect that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

The background and framework of carnage is everywhere, but we see deeper in this installment. As much as Thea is willing to cut throats, we are reminded her strength and talent was always with a pencil. She is beginning her trials of discovery just as her brother, on his own with the deactivated Shiloh is doing as well.

There seems no way for peace to be achieved by anything short of annihilation, and it looks like that’s exactly what will happen next. There is sure to be more war and violence, but what is going on in the minds of the main characters has become the real story and for the better.

Extremity #5
The Bottom Line
I liked it when it was all mindless gore and action. I like it even more now that there is substance, motivation, and regret.
The story becomes more compelling and sophisticated with every issue.
I’m not complaining.