Detective Comics #959 Review

In Detective Comics #959, writer James Tynion IV gives readers a whole lot of plot that is backed by some solid character development. For some time now, Tynion has been dropping subtle hints about how this series would be progressing, and although the series is far from perfect, Detective Comics has improved greatly, and if this issue is any indication of how good future issues will be, I’m yet again interested in reading this series.

Thus far, there has been quite a bit going on between the pages of Detective Comics…well, comics, and unfortunately, the majority of these happenings didn’t keep my interest. In Issue #959, that changed.

One of the most promising recent additions to the series is the inclusion of Zatanna. I’m fond of her as a character, and even more so as a love interest. She and Bruce share some history, and seeing this history – glimpses of it at least – play out on the page is a real treat. Zatanna adds a certain richness to the series, and as I see it, her inclusion is necessary if Tynion wants to achieve the depth that he is aiming for.

Lastly, I’m very interested in seeing how things work out for Azrael, because from the looks of it, things are beginning to get hairy, and it’ll only be a matter of time before he snaps.

Detective Comics #959
The Bottom Line
There is a whole let happening in the Detective Comics as of late, and in this issue, Tynion does a fantastic job keeping things fresh. Zatanna is a fine addition to the series.
Some sub-plots just aren't that interestin