Destroyer #3 Review

Grief Kills

We are halfway through the series and Destroyer is turning out to be a solid thriller. It has all of the usual features like government baddies and a mad scientist, but the familiar is not as simple as that. There is more to the management boss lady that has yet to be revealed, and the scientist is angry, not crazy. This story has a lot of heart and LaValle has created characters that are earnest and believable.

In this issue, the backstory of Victor Frankenstein and his grief adds context. We see that under extreme conditions even the most compassionate human can be lead to produce unimaginable evil. So far, though, the most evil has been committed at the hand of man. Now that the original creature has arrived where the new (quite human) creature and his creator are hiding and the “Bride” is on her way, all hell is about to break loose.

The story, to this point, has been full of portent and meaning. The implications behind action are spelled out regardless of what the intent might be. Now is the time for all of the forces to come together for an all-out battle. I’m looking forward to the action and wonder how this will all work out. It is hard to tell who the bad guys really are and who will prevail or even if they should.

Destroyer #3
The Bottom Line
There is plenty of substance to this rework of a classic examination of humanity.
I like how the kid retains his humanity and innocence.
Not much happens, but the table is set for the future.