Crosswind is dramatic and suspenseful in its telling of two distinctly different and very personal tales. On the surface, the narratives might seem predictable, but the story takes some nice turns and I was surprised where this one ended up. At first, I figured this for a typical gangster assassin actioner, but what it has is so much more. The story about either main character is good enough as a stand-alone, but combined, they are even better. We get the gun-toting hitman from hardscrabble beginnings, who has some second thoughts about who he is working for and how he is treated. Meanwhile, there is the harried suburban housewife who clearly needs to be away from her horrible husband.

A random encounter with a magical homeless person clues Bennet the gunman in on something, but before long the mysteriously connected soccer mom and he switch places. The setup is pretty basic. The art and dialogue are both gritty and intense. The suburban nightmare is more frightening than the murder stuff and that’s a compliment. Stagg’s art captures the gruesome, as well as the mundane and Simone’s words, elevate the tension in each world. A crafty start to a promising series.

Crosswind #1
The Bottom Line
Nice twist at the end. Crosswind looks to be quite interesting and maybe have some humor in the odd encounters to come.
I honestly didn’t see the twist, but I was glad it happened.
The magical homeless guy is just lazy writing.