Comic Book Review: Warframe #1

Title: Warframe #1
Publisher: Image
Words: Matt Hawkins, Ryan Cady
Art: Studio Hive
Letters: Troy Peteri
Publication Date: October 4, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: “The critically acclaimed free-to-play cooperative shooter comes to comics! In the far future, humanity’s descendants scramble to survive in a galaxy rife with conflict, scavenging for ancient technology and long-forgotten secrets. Only the Tenno, powerful warriors, battle to preserve peace and keep the technological masterpieces of the long-dead Orokin out of the wrong hands. Now, a faction of enhanced Grineer soldiers, under the tactician Captain Vor, scour the Earth for a hidden artifact, and only a lone Tenno and a blinded girl can stop them…”

The evil ugly invaders go house to house and murder all when they can’t find what they are looking for. The story is told by a wounded survivor who doesn’t know why she is being protected by the seemingly invincible Tenno.

This is a fairly straightforward actioner that combines elements of horror and sci-fi set in a world that is suitably wrecked and miserable. There is a damsel in distress and a heroic if not actually human protagonist who does not speak. This issue ends with a bit of a cliffhanger and promise of reinforcements on the way.


The big problem is the dialogue which is bland and strays into the cliché too often. The plot though is compelling and there may be some interesting character development in the future, but we have not been given much so far.


The style and colors produce a washed out and dark landscape that helps to set the mood. The art speaks louder than the words in showing how dismal and hopeless is the fate of the remnants of humanity.

Bottom Line:

If the idea of a comic based on a game and put together by committee isn’t a deal breaker, then Warframe #1 is worth checking out. Quality world building and evocative art tell a good enough story at the start and there is reason enough to see how good it might become.