Comic Book Review: Rat Queens (2017-) #6

Title: Rat Queens (2017-) #6
Publisher: Image
Words: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art: Owen Gieni
Colors: Owen Gieni
Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Publication Date: November 22, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: ““THE COLOSSAL MAGIC NOTHING,” Part One Having escaped the nefarious clutches of the insidious trickster Castiwyr, the Rat Queens return to Palisade with piles of gold and are in a mood to party. But Palisade has a new resident: a strange wizard that wishes to end the suffering of others. Forever

This time (after the requisite refueling at tavern) the Queens wander off to the woods to find one of Betty’s stoner friends. Things get weird and quick and the battle against a giant hallucinogenic toad bodes ill at first, but our lovely adventurers prevail.


By now Wiebe knows what the audience expects and although the setup is formulaic, he delivers an introduction to a new arc with a story that has plenty to offer.


This version of the Rat Queens appears a little different, somewhat younger and less fierce. Gieni really shines in the trippy later sequence that captures the crazy in the best way possible.

Bottom Line:

There are the usual doses of bawdiness and overindulgence, but at the core, this is a story about loss and it is a story with a great deal of heart. While unlikely to win over new fans, we have a new villain a new mystery and some introspection that longtime fans should appreciate.

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