Comic Book Review: Justice League (2016-) #34

Title: Justice League (2016-) #34
Publisher: DC
Arc: Lost
Part: 1
Words: Christopher Priest
Art: Pete Woods
Letters: Willie Schu
Publication Date: December 6, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: “When the Justice League is confronted by three concurrent threats, a sleep-deprived Batman makes a crucial error that causes an unthinkable—and potentially unforgivable—tragedy. Legendary Eisner Award-nominated writer Christopher Priest (Deathstroke) is joined by artist Pete Woods for a brand-new must-read Justice League story like you’ve never seen before!”

When Batman isn’t at the top of his game, bad things happen. Seeing a broken bat is nothing new to longtime readers, but seeing an obviously compromised Batman attempting to lead the Justice League in dealing with multiple mass-casualty-incidents is oddly exciting. In Justice League (2016-) #34 writer Christopher Priest successfully reminds readers that behind Batman’s cowl is a man, and it’s only a matter of time before that man is unable to keep up.

Despite there being a whole lot going on throughout this issue, Priest paces the story well and breaks up the epic incidents into bite-sized beats that are easy to digest and thus make for an enjoyable reading experience.

Artist Pete Woods visually represents the members of the Justice League in a way that feels fresh. There is a certain openness about his illustration that leads to them feeling light and full of life; this feel works well to balance out the weighty subject matter of Priest’s script.

I’m quite interested to see where this series is going to go and just how far Priest is going to go with showcasing Batman’s humanity.

The Bottom Line

And now for something completely different. Christopher Priest and artist Pete Woods have injected Justice League full of new life, and with it comes a whole new slew of problems that readers should be eager to dig into. Justice League has been overhauled, and as it stands, all changes made work well. Pick this one up.

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