Comic Book Review: Extremity #7

Title: Extremity #7
Publisher: Image
Words: Daniel Warren Johnson
Art: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors: Mike Spicer
Letters: Rus Wooton
Publication Date: October 4, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: “Thea and Rollo enter the Ancient Dark, where they are hunted by things that dare not live in the light above.”

Rollo and Thea survive the crash only to be in peril from mutant creatures, but are fortunate to be rescued by exiles from the lands above. These people have come together to avoid the conflict above and it remains to be seen if Thea can see the wisdom in peace and where that might lead her.

Meanwhile, Shiloh is more valuable than we knew and the Paznina queen has sent her daughter to retrieve it.

Writing: Once again we see compassion and introspection seep into the violent world of Extremity. The balance between viciousness and contemplation now leans toward the latter, although we still have the blood spurting and a promise of a final battle aided by the ancient tech.


Epic and otherworldly, Johnson has created a three-dimensional landscape that is nothing less than epic.

Bottom Line:

There is always more to be exposed with each issue. The world is larger and the stakes are higher and we barely know what any of this is really about and that is what makes Extremity so great. Entirely original and full of surprises which living up to expectations of uninhibited carnage.