Comic Book Review: Detective Comics (2016-) #969

Title: Detective Comics (2016-) #969
Arc: Fall of the Batmen – Part 1

Publisher: DC
Words: James Tynion IV
Pencils: Joe Bennet
Inks: Sal Regla
Colors: Jason Wright
Letters: Sal Cipriano
Publication Date: November 22, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: “FALL OF THE BATMEN” part one! Everyone in Batman’s orbit is broken somehow—some more than others. For Clayface, keeping the pieces of his psyche together has been a years-long struggle…and it’s a war he may be about to lose! And as the team tries to pull itself back together, their enemies have learned something from Batman’s newfound spirit of cooperation…and have formed a cabal of their own!

There is quite a bit going on in Detective Comics #969, but what I find most interesting, and, perhaps, what is most important is the emphasis that James Tynion placed on Gotham’s needs. Readers are asked whether Batman is enough to protect Gotham. Does he need his team? Or is one vigilante already too much? For some time now, the consensus—at least in the Gotham City Police Department—is that Batman is too much, and while I do enjoy seeing his team in action, I just might have to agree with the GCPD. Sure, having the Bat-family together is effective, but it may be too much to swallow.

As we know, Tim Drake has returned to the team and this is causing a stir of sorts. Regardless if the team was already too much, I am glad to see him back in action.

Together, Tynion and Bennet have put together a solid first issue that places great emphasis on the fact that there is more to Batman comics than Batman himself.

The Bottom Line:

In Detective Comics #969, there is a great emphasis placed on Gotham’s needs and whether Batman having a team of vigilantes is right for the city. Reinsert Tim Drake into the equation, and you have a solid first issue in a new arc.