Black Cloud #5 Review

“I Get What I Want And Everybody Gets The Bill”

Zelda is all powerful, maybe in both worlds, yet no matter what she does she can never escape herself and her responsibility. That makes her a fascinating protagonist and a superior sort of anti-hero. There is a lot going on and sometimes it is hard to unpack and definitely worthwhile. Black Cloud continues the mind bending dreamscapes of here and there now that they’ve overlapped. The comic provides a fantastic juxtaposition where the audience and ultimately the giant man-boy Todd are hopelessly caught in the middle. That’s an amazing place to be.

The surreal terrain and bizarre inhabitants seem somewhat more relatable than what we see in the “real” world. That Todd doesn’t want to go back is perfectly understandable and when Zelda returns, it turns out he was right. The ugly here is intensifying. This is one of those titles where the reader is supposed to be off balance and the story is supposed to be inexplicable.

The end of the arc has Zelda returned to a world that she has also altered to the detriment of the people who live there, again people who counted on her to solve a problem where she just made more trouble for everyone. I can’t say I’m entirely certain what all this means but I am sure enjoying the ride.

Black Cloud #5
The Bottom Line
A crazy hallucinatory political thriller that is more than meets the eye.
Yes! Todd is a great moronic monster. I’m sure he won’t stay subdued for long.
No... I still wish we knew more about Zelda’s history and who she really is.
I still wish we knew more about Zelda’s history and who she really is.