Black Cloud #4 Review

“You Wanna Be More Than You Were, You Gotta Kill The Things You Are”

Zelda is far more important and far more powerful than we had originally been led to believe. She dispatches her enemies with the snap of her fingers. Now that she has come home the extent of her influence is revealed and suddenly Black Cloud is a far more complex story as a result. Zelda is perhaps the most powerful being left alive in her world and she is responsible for the mess that the rest are forced to live in. Her accountability is what the story is all about. She needs to figure out how to repair the world and fix herself which makes for a fascinating story. Frank may or may not help her, but things are about to get even more perilous.

Meanwhile, Todd is stomping about like some addle-brained white bread kaiju. He is horrifying and hilarious. Now that he has sniffed out Zelda’s return, it will be interesting to see how he reacts and what she does about it.

Black Cloud is bigger and broader with each installment. Smart pacing and intrigue combine with intricate and devastating art. There is more going on here than is initially apparent and it is very well crafted.

Black Cloud #4
The Bottom Line
A strong and unique tale of magic, power and revolution and how no one escapes their own skin.
A new meaning to cat fight.
I forget the point of the lizard guy.