Batman/The Shadow #3 Review

Thus far, Steve Orlando and Scott Snyder have been building towards something epic with this series, and now, after reading Batman/The Shadow #3, I know what that something is, and all I can say is wow. While the twist at the end of this issue was something that I probably should have seen coming, it caught me by surprise and left me speechless. I expected this series to be good, but damn.

So I probably shouldn’t start this part of the review with writing about the issue’s ending, but I’m going to do it anyway because the ending of this book is fantastic and I really want to write about it.  As a Bat-fan, the ending of this issue has me feeling both ecstatic and terribly troubled. In addition to an epic reveal, Orlando, and Snyder leave readers with a nightmarish scene that’s sure to rattle even the most confident of Batman fans…but that’s all that I’ll say about that, any more and the ending will be spoiled.

Both the ‘big picture’ and ‘panel to panel’ writing is fantastic, but with the creative talent behind this series, I think that comes as no surprise. This book had me both entertained and intrigued from the first page through to the last.

This issue, much like the first two of the series, is a must-read.

Batman/The Shadow #3
The Bottom Line
Snyder and Orland have done it yet again.
That ending though...