Whereas the last issue of Batman/The Shadow had me reminiscing about my childhood and loving the 1994 Alec Baldwin flick, Batman/The Shadow #2 has me firmly planted in the here and now, grateful for such an awesome team-up. The plot has inevitably thickened, and with this thickening comes a realization that there is a world that exists just beyond the pale of the one we all call home—a world where Batman (perhaps) isn’t the scariest thing lurking in the shadows.

As the story is expanding in both breadth and depth, I find myself becoming more fascinated with the thought that in this case, as the Shadow points out, it is the truth that is defeating Batman—a character that finds comfort in what is right, just, and true.

Batman makes an attempt in this issue to clarify that he doesn’t need the Shadow’s help, but as one would guess, even Batman is going to need a hand or two this time. I believe that in coming issues, there will be a good deal of time spent stressing the necessary change—evolution?—that Batman must make in order to defeat his mysterious new foe.

Steve Orlando and Scott Snyder are doing a fantastic job with this crossover—I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Batman/The Shadow #2
The Bottom Line
Batman/The Shadow #2 is another great issue in an exceptional crossover series. Great art. Great writing. This is it folks.
Great Art
Great Writing
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