Ash Vs. The Army Of Darkness #2 Review

Ash Vs. The Army Of Darkness #2

After having to kick the spit out of a giant, soul-sucking frog monster, Ash and company come to learn that the oh-so-evil book that has been haunting Ash since he was a young man has infected the entire school. The Necronomicon has its bad juju coursing through the veins of the building. From the librarian to the janitor, they’re all evil and they’re all hungry for souls. Hell, even the trophy cases are trying to kill Ash and the kids. Ridiculous? Absolutely. Entertaining? Uh, yeah.  Was there any doubt in your mind?

While the stakes haven’t necessarily been risen from the last issue, the pace has kept steady, and the laughs keep coming. This one didn’t leave me in stitches, but it left me grinning and eager to keep reading.

Yet again, what we have here is a comic book that, despite what you know, or don’t know, about Ash and his history, is highly entertaining and worth reading. And although I’m unsure if whether Chris Sims and Chad Bowers will be able to keep the series feeling fresh as we move forward, I am confident in their abilities and have faith that readers will not only keep coming back for more but also, that new readers will stumble across this gem and get hooked.

The school is alive and it's after Ash and company
Even the trophies rattle in their cases, hungry for souls
The stakes aren't any higher than last issue