Why does this comic work? Why do we need another comic book that features Ash Williams? The answer to both questions is the same. Simply, this comic works, and we need another Ash Williams property because guys like Kenny from Electronics can’t turn away Deadite scum when it comes a knockin’ on S-Mart’s door and, well, Ash needs the money…

As much as I would like to say that this book offers a fresh look at the boom-stick wielding badass and the Deadite army hungry for his soul, it doesn’t, and believe me, that is more than alright. Zero issues typically provide a good deal of insight into the direction of a series, and from what I read, ASH VS. THE ARMY OF DARKNESS #0 is exactly what AOD fans would expect—from what I have seen, this series is going to offer fans a heaping helping of everything they love about Ash Williams.

As one would expect, this issue is exactly what one would expect from a prelude to a new series, setup. Regardless, I for one am excited about the series and am eager to see what comes next. AOD fans, we’re in for a ride.

The Bottom Line
ASH VS. THE ARMY OF DARKNESS #0 is exactly what one would expect it to be, a solid prelude to a series that is going to kick major ass.
Ash is back!
Same formula, new story
It's a Zero issue