I never thought that I would say this, but wow, Aquaman is a total badass, and with his awesome new looks, artist Stjepan Sejic has my questioning whether or not this is the dawning of the age of Aquaman. And that’s not mentioning that actor Jason Momoa is the new on-screen Aquaman. As it stands, all signs are pointing to yes.

Forget everything that you know about the King of Atlantis because, with this issue, Aquaman feels like an entirely new series. I’m not convinced that writer Dan Abnett has changed course, per se, but I do think that he has changed his approach to elevating Aquaman to that next level, where, might I add, he deserves to be.

In Aquaman #25, Arthur Curry speaks directly to the reader and not only references Batman but praises him, making it clear that he (Aquaman) is fond of Bats’ whole ‘stick to the shadows’ and ‘inspire fear’ shtick and is plans to give it a try in one of the deepest, roughest parts of Atlantis. That’s right, Aquaman is taking a page from Batman’s book, and the result is awesome. If this is how the story is going to go from here on out, I am going to keep reading.

I’m really enjoying the new look and change of direction and think that readers who weren’t too fond of Aquaman will be too.

Aquaman #25
The Bottom Line
Aquaman is back, and better than ever. I'm aware that aside from the artist, not a whole lot has changed here, but this issue feels wildly different than its predecessors.
Brilliant artwork and an awesome new look
Aquaman takes a page from Batman's book