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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 “New Best Friends” Review and Recap

If the mid-season premiere didn’t convince you that The Walking Dead was back on track, then Episode 10, “New Best Friends,” absolutely should have. And if it didn’t, then I’m not too sure why you’re reading an article that’s written about an episode of a television show, that apparently, you don’t like all that much…Regardless, Episode 10 confirms that our show is in fact back on track and heading in the right direction.

Episode 10 had some interesting moments, so I think that it is best to break down the episode in that fashion. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

1. Daryl and his crossbow

Isn’t it nice to see Daryl with his trusty crossbow in hand? It absolutely is, and while Daryl’s relationship with Richard (we’ll talk about this more on the next page) is shaky at best, I enjoyed Richard’s comment about Daryl being a bowman. Daryl is still one of the best fighters in the group and has time and time again proven himself to be one of Rick’s MVPs.

2. Say her damn name

As soon as Richard began discussing his plan to lead the Saviors to the loner living on the outskirts of the Kingdom, all of us watching muttered “Carol.” Watching Daryl put two and two together was great, and watching him inadvertently defend Carol from Richard – by preventing Richard from going through with his plan – was better yet. Clearly, Daryl still cares a whole lot for Carol despite her departure from the group.

3. Strangers in a strange land

The sequence where Rick and the gang were taken to the new group’s evil lair stomping ground and watched as their odd captors got into formation was strange, and I loved it. This new group creeps me out.

If all works out, I think that this new group will certainly give Rick the edge that he needs to bring down the Saviors.

4. Winslow

Two men enter; one man leaves. Two men enter; one man leaves. Alright, so Rick’s fight with Winslow (the Gladiator Walker) wasn’t exactly an evening in the Thunderdome, but it was cool nonetheless. Yet again, we have a prime example of Rick’s willingness to do whatever it takes to keep his people safe. My only complaint about this scene is that the fight was over before it started, and we didn’t get any close-up shots of Rick hacking away at his opponent once he was trapped under a wall of garbage.

5. Why are you smiling Rick?

Is it me, or was Rick smiling constantly throughout this episode?

I think that it is important that Gabriel asked Rick why he was smiling because while all of us were sure that Rick saw the Garbage Pail Kids as potential allies in his war on Negan and the Saviors, hearing Rick justify his smile confirmed the theory.

6. The Lie

So Daryl lied to Carol about the Saviors and Negan…why? I realize that Daryl lied for Carol’s sake, but come on, isn’t she going to find out sooner or later?

I’m concerned.

While I don’t think that Daryl would let anything happen to Carol, it felt as though she is being prepped for death. The lie. The last meal together. The last-minute hug goodbye…

Can we really afford to lose Carol now?

7. Daryl leaves the Kingdom

After getting awfully close with Shiva, Daryl decides to up and leave the Kingdom. I’m glad that he’s ready to fight, but at the same time, I think that it doesn’t make much sense for him to return to the Hilltop/ Gregory is not going to be happy.

8. Final thoughts

Episode 10 was good. it consisted of all of the elements that make an episode of TWD enjoyable, and while I am concerned about both Carol and Daryl (for different reasons) I am very excited to see what happened in Episode 11 and so on.

The Walking Dead | Season 7, Episode 9 | Review

[Article may contain spoilers, and by may, I mean that it does, so don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet…]

The Walking Dead is back, and while I would like to say that it’s better than ever, I can’t. I do however think that show is finally getting back on track after what was the relatively dull and uninspired first half of Season 7.

Sunday’s mid-season premiere didn’t wow as much as I had hoped that it would. I went into the night thinking that TWD was going to come out swinging—fighting to pull longtime fans back into the mix, but that didn’t happen. Instead, it appears as though TWD’s team plans to lull viewers back into believing that TWD is the best damn show on television. Is this possible? I don’t know. After all, none of us became fans this way.

Regardless of what the team behind TWD plans to do in the future to wrangle wayward fans, Sunday’s midseason premiere, Episode 709, “A Rock in the Road,” was just alright.

Father Gabriel is back to being a douche…or so it appears. Episode 709 opens with the mischievous man of the cloth packing up supplies and getting the hell out of Dodge. Worse yet, he does so under the cover of nightfall, and while I find it hard to believe that he just decided to up and leave because he’s too frightened to stick around, it doesn’t appear that his decision to leave is intended to benefit the group. I find this odd, but until we know the truth I’m alright with disliking him.

As we all guessed, Gregory *cough* coward *cough* wants nothing to do with Rick’s plan to fight Negan and the Saviors. Gregory prefers to sever all ties with Rick and company. Again, this doesn’t come as a surprise. What did come as a surprise, however, was Enid wrangling up some members of the Hilltop that are willing to fight. Ten points for Enid!

After the failed attempt to inspire Gregory to fight, Jesus elects to take Rick to The Kingdom and introduce him to King Ezekiel. King Ezekiel also turns down Rick’s proposal to team-up and fight, but since Daryl is a wanted man, King Ezekiel grants him asylum in The Kingdom. While this gesture is helpful, it also leads to Daryl yet again being separated from the group. Bummer.

There are a few takeaways from this section of the episode:

  1. Rick and Morgan are reunited! Isn’t always great when they get together? Ah, Season 1…
  2. We get to relive that pain of Episode 701 when Morgan learns that Negan killed Abraham and Glen.
  3. Jerry!
  4. The look on the group’s faces when they learn that King Ezekiel has a pet tiger.

The best part of the episode comes when the group finds themselves looting explosives from a highway spanning tripwire. There is some serious tension here because as the group struggles to attain some much-needed firepower to fight the Saviors, there is a horde of walkers closing in on them. Once most the explosives have been secured, Michonne and Rick hop in the cars that are connected by the tripwire and proceed to drive into the heart of the horde which results in one hell of an EPIC ClOTHESLINE. The gruesome, body-halving goodness of this scene automatically added it to my list of best walker-kill-scenes of TWD.

Episode 709 ends with Rick searching for Gabriel, and inadvertently being captured by a group of heavily armed strangers. Interestingly, Rick closes out the episode by smiling. Why is this?

To me, it appears that Rick realizes that—despite being at their mercy, so to speak—there is another group floating around that is heavily armed. Thus, there is a group that may be willing to stand alongside him to fight Negan and the Saviors. We don’t know anything about this group, except that it isn’t the ladies of Oceanside since there were men in the group. I’m sure we’ll find out what the deal is next Sunday.

The midseason premiere, Episode 709, “A Rock in the Road,” wasn’t what I was hoping it would be, but it is clear that TWD is getting back on track…

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9: Rock in the Road | Reaction

I’ve been waiting, you’ve been waiting, we’ve all been waiting, and finally, after its midseason hiatus, AMC’s The Walking Dead is BACK!

Going into tonight’s episode, a lot of us were quite concerned about the future of TWD due to the decline in ratings and the slower-than-normal pacing that we experienced during the first half of Season 7. But thankfully, the conclusion of Episode 8 – as emotional as it was – gave us all hope. Most of the group is now together and they are ready to fight. Thus, going into tonight’s episode I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

[Spoilers Ahed]

How awesome was the scene where Rick and Michonne tore into the horde of walkers with the cable stretched between their cars?! It was brutal, and frankly, I think that it is one of the coolest walker-kill scenes to date. And when Rick and Michonne emerged from their cars and quickly became overwhelmed by the remainder of the horde…#Tension.

God damnit Gabriel! The little snake stole their shit and ran. I knew I never should have stopped hating him…

Saying that I am disappointed with King Ezekiel and his decision to not stand alongside Rick and fight the Saviors is an understatement. I was hoping that Morgan, or Benjamin for that matter, would sway the King, but that just didn’t happen. Tis’ alright though, there’s still time.

Aside from the Walker mow-down, my favorite scene of tonight’s episode was when Morgan was reunited with Rick and company. This scene was terribly emotional, and not just for the sole fact that Morgan and Rick are back together, but also for the reopening of old wounds. When Morgan learned that Negan had killed Glen and Abraham while he was away, I felt as though I relived the Season 7 opener.

And lastly, what an ending?!

This isn’t the start that I was looking for, but we’re off to a good start folks, let’s hope that the momentum keeps building.

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