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The Librarians | Season 3 | Episode 10

The Librarians Sundays at 8:00 on TNT
Season 3 | Episode 10
“And the Wrath of Chaos”

Did anyone really believe that Col. Baird sold out Flynn and the rest of the Librarians? Maybe not, but we were forced to believe that the head of the super-secret all-powerful government agency tasked to protect everybody from magic is stupid enough to release Apep from his sarcophagus, get possessed, and try to release pure evil into the world. As luck would have it (surprise, surprise), it turns out that all along, Flynn’s master plan to save the Library and the world was to rely on the General to do just that.

And just to make matters worse, Gen. Rockwell (Vanessa Williams) of DOSA happens to have a bomb on hand to blow up the Library, even though if her plan went correctly it would have been empty. Or was the explosive supposed to destroy only the source of magic in the Library? Why would she think she could? How did she know where it could be found?

Anyway, the government stooges underestimated both our plucky heroes and the great big bad chaos god. In the end, of course, Flynn doesn’t have to die because Jake, Cassandra and Ezekiel were each given the exact thing necessary to turn Apep into a human so that he could be the sacrifice instead of Flynn. Yay, good triumphs over evil! I like that the good guys win, but this whole season felt like it was phoned in.

From the beginning I have liked the premise of The Librarians, the characters and the actors and as disappointing this season has been, it is still usually fun to watch. Maybe it will get better, maybe I will lose interest. If there is nothing else on, I’ll probably continue to watch…if I remember.

Dragon Ball Super | Season 1 | Episode 3

Dragon Ball Super 103

Dragon Ball Super | Adult Swim | Saturday | 8pm
Season 1 | Episode 3
“Where Does the Dream Pick Up?! Find the Super Saiyan God!”

Goku can’t launch a Spirit Bomb every episode…let’s just get that out into the open right and accept the fact that we can’t have one-armed, tri-Kamehameha’s on the reg. There is a distinct reason why these moments are forever embedded within the minds of so many fans; these points are the grandiose payoffs to frustratingly long and exceedingly stagnant waiting periods. But, was Dragon Ball Super Episode 3 actually vital to advancing the plot of the series?

I suppose the audience certainly learned a few minor details that filled in pieces of the back story, but, figuring out that Beerus trapped Grand Kai in the Z-Sword wasn’t really a make-or-break moment.

Beerus continues to dominate the majority of the story and deservedly so. The high point of the episode comes when he speaks about visiting Earth awhile back to deal with some “dinosaurs with attitude problems” and then proceeds to break the fourth wall, making a passing comment that twenty-five-minutes is about the length of a standard anime episode.

Unfortunately the heart of the episode was strangely and severely lacking anything resembling a steady pulse. Overall, the episode felt stretched too thin in the way it glanced over the reintroduction of pivotal core characters that dated as far back as the beginning of Dragon Ball. Krillen was the only Z-Warrior to get any type of scene with an extended run of dialogue, but even that fell a little flat. It was lame how Vegeta had literally one line, same for Goten and Trunks. Is anyone ever going to throw a punch this season? I’d even take another dinosaur fight with the little guys at this point.

Long time fans are getting a lot of good laughs and a few nice moments to start off the series, while new fans are getting their toes wet in Sector 4032 Green on Planet 877. The introduction to this new series is no doubt moving at a crawl, but long time fans need to understand; this isn’t episode 292 of Dragon Ball Z. However hard or frustrating it may be (and for longtime fans who have already seen the movies, it sure IS hard and frustrating at points), this is episode 3 of a new series called Dragon Ball Super.

The contrast with the series that preceded DB Super is night and day; while you certainly sense that ominous tension of a snowball tightening with every passing episode, DB Super remains a stark contrast in comparison to the events that transpired within the first few episodes of DBZ that were absolutely riveting.

But let’s not pass judgment within the first sixty composite minutes of a series. Sometimes, the long play is the best hand. Haven’t you ever cooked a slow roast? Watched a triple overtime game? The wait can be worth it, my friends. Let’s just hope to see a few yellow hairs or something sometime soon.

Score: 5 out of 10

Grimm Season 6 Episode 3

GRIMM -- "Oh Captain, My Captain" Episode 603 -- Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Sean Renard -- (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)
Grimm | Fridays at 8:00 | NBC
Season 6 | Episode 3

“Oh Captain, My Captain”

The good-news/bad-news tendencies of Grimm have returned. Sasha Roiz, as the full-on evil megalomaniacal Captain, is phenomenal. He has the physical and facial expression capability to pull off the transformation and the acting chops to pull off the impression of Nick looking like the Captain, trying to pretend to be him after huffing off of the magic hat.

This is an encouraging approach building up to the end the series, but just when the show is on a roll with the welcome embrace of the looniness that promises all bets are off, the show dials back the creativity and gets stupid again.

While I welcome the comical elements, especially team Monroe and Adalind’s Marx Brother’s routine, the newly captain-ized Nick scene and the amazing Sean on Sean action, I think they dropped the ball in a couple of places.

I’m not fond of the truce between Nick and Renard. I hate that they gave Adalind the need to be protected again. She is so much more interesting when she is the one driven to protect her kids rather than asking to have them protected.  Claire Coffee is one of the best actors in the ensemble, so she should be let loose, not held back. And seriously, don’t we all know by now not to make the magic kid unhappy? Have we learned nothing from Billy Mumy (The Twilight Zone) sending everybody to the cornfield? I do like that Meisner is back, though I don’t doubt for a second he is merely an hallucination.

Oh and Eve falling in love with Nick again and being jealous of Adalind, ick and I don’t care!

The episode slipped a bit in my view, but I am still on board for the duration.

Score: 6 out of 10

…for the resets and the lack of common sense about Diana.

Dragon Ball Super | Season 1 | Episode 2

Dragon Ball Super | Adult Swim | Saturday | 8pm
Season 1 | Episode 2
“To The Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes A Family Trip”

Episode 2 of Dragon Ball Super is straight-up filler. Does that mean, “To The Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes A Family Trip” is a “bad” episode or that it is a “failure?” No! In fact, it’s actually the opposite; being just two episodes into the new series, Episode 2 serves it’s purpose and continues to catch the audience up with what’s happened since that faithful Spirit Bomb. When dealing with any Dragon Ball installment, you’re dealing with a marathon, not a sprint.

As a long time viewer, I appreciate the decision to tie up loose ends. Any fan who labored intensively with the Saiyans in the Room of Spirit and Time has a gigantic smile on their face now, and have had at least a few chuckles at the strange juxtaposition of Vegeta finally making good on a nearly forgotten promise that many of us never expected him keep. It is a reward to the fans who had stuck around desperately waiting for the wrongs of Dragon Ball GT to be rectified for years and years.

And although this episode may have higher peaks than the debut, it also has lower valleys.

It’s strange how Vegeta lies to himself about beating Majin Buu during the apex of his circus panic attack. And there’s no fight moments with the Z-Warriors. There’s just a minor Beerus smack down. No screen time for Buu and Satan, Goten and Trunks, or Goku.

In an extremely lighthearted episode, the majority of the conflict was pretty deep. Vegeta, the second best Saiyan, senses the grip of domestication tightening around his silver medal

Dragon Ball Super is still catching us up with our old pals while setting up some big battles to come. The end was particularly memorable, and while not exactly a cliffhanger per se, it closed an episode full of memorable moments with another strong scene. Call “To The Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes A Family Trip” filler if you want, just make sure you call it classic filler.

Score: 7 out of 10

Grimm | Season 6 | Episode 2

Grimm | Fridays at 8:00 | NBC
Season 6 | Episode 2
“Trust Me Knot”

Eve is becoming more like her former self Juliette every moment, which I hope ends badly for her. From the beginning, she has been, and still is by far, my least favorite character. Renard continues to have visions of blood on his hands while planning for more mayhem. The war between he and Nick, long in abeyance due to the need for concealment, is now unrestrained. The magical stick is proving to be even more magical, and becoming more attached and precious to Nick the more he holds on to it. Diana is more powerful and disturbing than ever, even when her eyes don’t glow. She is so damn creepy, uhhhh, makes me shudder, and I love it.

In this episode, anything is possible as Captain Renard sends Portland’s version of a SWAT team after Nick, but Hank and Wu arrest him for the death of his mistress/publicist before he can give the order to storm Bud’s shop. To be fair, Renard could not have killed what’s-her-name because at the time he was saving Nick’s life by running a sword through Bonaparte, and beside that, we already know Diana was behind it all courtesy of long range spell casting and her flawed understanding of how to keep mommy happy.

Later, Nick tries to cut a deal with the Captain, but gets double crossed and Monroe and Rosalee are tasked with babysitting the horrifying, and maybe insane Diana. At least the kid seems to like them and wants to help decode the cloth that the magical stick came in.

Everything we need to know for the rest of the season/series has been laid out. Sasha Roiz, as Renard, finally gets to be the big bad we always wanted him to be and nobody is being especially careful about putting all of Portland’s wesen secrets out in the open. Regardless of how this ends, it looks like the show is firing on all cylinders. My only complaint is that Trubel has again gone off on yet another unexplained mission for HW. I hope she comes back soon, with superior firepower and reinforcements.

Score: A solid 7 out of 10 since we are still in the set up stage.

The Librarians | Season 3 | Episode 8

The Librarians
Sunday’s @ 8pm on TNT
Season 3 | Episode 8
“And the Eternal Question”

Spontaneous human combustion is always a nice place to start an episode of a genre show. It can be anything or it could be nothing and there is always an argument about what is real and unreal providing a perfect set up for delving into a mystery. Adding vampires into the mix works too in that they have enough legend, but no real canon, so their behavior and appearance can be tweaked in whatever way best serves the story. The Librarians may have set the stage with the familiar, but this time, have actually delivered an episode where the background stories are far more important and well told that the main plot.

What works is that we get to see some of what makes the Librarians tick. Cassandra’s tumor is back in the story again and her life is in imminent danger. She is probably the most likable character and although I didn’t believe for a second that she wouldn’t survive, her colleagues did and that gave the episode some needed suspense. That she suddenly shows a romantic interest in Jenkins, is interesting and odd, seeming more random than shocking but maybe there’s more going on, especially since I thought she and Jake were warming to each other. It might be a worthwhile twist, I hope. And speaking of romance was Flynn going to pop the question?

Anyway, nice to see Jenkins (AKA Galahad) show his origins as a sword wielding hero and have a story adding some depth to the main characters. All things considered, we did get two decent episodes in a row, not enough to salvage the season, but enough to frustrate when considering the overall unrealized potential. Two more episodes coming up, here’s to a season that at least will be going out with a modicum of dignity.

Golden Globe Awards (2017) Predictions

Alright folks, it is that time of year again, where we fans of film and television find ourselves waiting anxiously to see if our favorites are acknowledged by the people who (apparently) matter most in the industry. Rather than just sit back and watch the awards, Evan and myself (Charlie) have decided to make some predictions about who is going home with some gold this year. And, in addition to our predictions, we have also included our personal picks of who we would like to see win. Once the winners are announced, he and I will put together a reaction article where, I am sure, we’ll have some complaining to do. Until then, here is our list of predicted 2017 Golden Globe Award winners and personal favorites:

Best Motion Picture – Drama 

Evan’s Pick – Hacksaw Ridge
Charlie’s Pick – Hacksaw Ridge
Prediction –  Manchester by the Sea

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

Evan’s Pick – Andrew Garfield
Charlie’s Pick – Andrew Garfield
Prediction –  Casey Affleck

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama

Evan’s Pick – Amy Adams
Charlie’s Pick – Natalie Portman
Prediction –  Natalie Portman

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy 

Evan’s Pick – Deadpool
Charlie’s Pick – Deadpool
Prediction –  La La Land

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Evan’s Pick – Hailee Steinfeld
Charlie’s Pick – Emma Stone
Prediction – Emma Stone

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Evan’s Pick – Ryan Reynolds
Charlie’s Pick – Ryan Reynolds
Prediction – Ryan Gosling

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture

Evan’s Pick –  Mahershala Ali
Charlie’s Pick – Jeff Bridges
Prediction – Mahershala Ali

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture

Evan’s Pick – Octavia Spencer
Charlie’s Pick – Viola Davis
Prediction –  Viola Davis

Best Director – Motion Picture

Evan’s Pick – Mel Gibson
Charlie’s Pick – Mel Gibson
Prediction –  Damien Chazelle

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

Evan’s Pick – Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water)
Charlie’s Pick – Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester by the Sea)
Prediction – Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester by the Sea)

Best Motion Picture – Animated

Evan’s Pick – Kubo and the Two Strings
Charlie’s Pick – Moana
Prediction – Moana

Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language

So, we’re just going to be honest and tell you that we haven’t seen any of the films in this category that are currently up for a Golden Globe Award, but according to some pretty important people on the internet, Toni Erdmann has a solid shot at winning…so that’s our ‘prediction.’

Best Original Score – Motion Picture

Evan’s Pick – Arrival
Charlie’s Pick – Arrival
Prediction – La La Land

Best Original Song – Motion Picture

Evan’s Pick – “How Far I’ll Go” Moana
Charlie’s Pick – “City of Stars” La La Land
Prediction – “City of Stars” La La Land

Best Television Series – Drama

Evan’s Pick – Game of Thrones
Charlie’s Pick – Stranger Things
Prediction – This is Us

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Evan’s Pick – Atlanta
Charlie’s Pick – Atlanta
Prediction – Atlanta

Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Evan’s Pick – The Night Manager
Charlie’s Pick – The Night of
Prediction – The Night of

Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series – Drama

Evan’s Pick – Bob Odenkirk
Charlie’s Pick – Liev Schreiber
Prediction – Rami Malek

Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series – Drama

Evan’s Pick – Evan Rachel Wood
Charlie’s Pick – Winona Ryder
Prediction – Evan Rachel Wood

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Evan’s Pick – Jeffery Tambor
Charlie’s Pick – Nick Nolte
Prediction – Donald Glover

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Evan’s Pick – Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Charlie’s Pick – Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Prediction – Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television

Evan’s Pick – Tom Hiddleston
Charlie’s Pick – Loki
Prediction – Riz Ahmed

Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television

Evan’s Pick – Riley Keough
Charlie’s Pick – Sara Paulson
Prediction – Sara Paulson

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Evan’s Pick – John Lithgow
Charlie’s Pick – John Lithgow
Prediction – John Lithgow

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Evan’s Pick – Lena Headey
Charlie’s Pick – Thandie Newton
Prediction –  Chrissy Metz

That’s all folks! The 74th Golden Globe Awards air Sunday, January 8th, at 8pm.

The Librarians | Season 3 | Episode 7

The Librarians Sundays at 8:00 on TNT
Season 3 | Episode 07
“And the Rule of Three”

With episode 7 of 10, the third season is finally coalescing into something worthwhile. Magic is in the here and now in the form of a love potion that turned a cute and nerdy reject from a Big Brother-type reality show into megalomaniacal cult leader. Not only does the team get to stay together, mostly (we still have two members come under the spell, though at least their affliction works for this story), but they come face to face with the tactical arm of the shadowy anti-magic government agency DOSA to good and dramatic effect. The Librarians is still limited to family friendly fight scenes, but it is action of a sort, and it does make sense in context.

There are three elements I think the powers-that-be have actually done well this time, and they’re the type of things that they should have been doing correctly all along. First, Ezekiel Jones (John Harlan Kim) has his day to be hero (and maybe a love interest) and the character is given some needed depth. Secondly, we see how magic corrupts even an otherwise likable innocent. Lastly, and most importantly, the nearly abandoned big bad Egyptian God of Chaos from the beginning of the season returns to directly oppose the Librarians. Apparently Apep has been hiding right under DOSA’s nose or maybe under their protection. Dun, dunn, dunnn!

Can we get two decent episodes in a row? I think it’s possible. Maybe if we clap really hard and really-really believe. Tune in next time where no doubt good will triumph over evil at least.

January Netflix Suggestions

Netflix Logo

New Year, New M…I can’t even finish that sentence. Truth is…..New Year, Same Me. It’s a good thing that I have Netflix because ‘same me’ just wants to sit around and watch movies. With everything being added this month, it’s hard to decide where to begin. Lucky for you “same me” is here to help. Stick with me and you’re sure to have a very entertaining New Year.

And the Award goes To: Braveheart (1995) With the Golden Globes this month and the Oscars in February, it’s the perfect time to catch up on previous winners and nominees. The “Best Picture” winner from 1995 is an excellent place to start. If you want to watch a great film….start here. (January 1st)

It Looks Good on You Though: Caddyshack (1980) For my money, nothing beats a classic Rodney Dangerfield movie. Add in Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Ted Knight, and you have one of the best comedies of all time. The best way to start the new year is with some good laughs and this is definitely a go-to. (January 1st)

Get Out of My Dreams: License to Drive (1988) Two words: The. Corey’s. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 18% it’s probably not going to have most people telling you to check it out. Guess what? I’m not most people. I love 80’s movies. I love 80’s music. I love 80’s everything. A younger audience probably won’t appreciate it, but if you grew up with it, the nostalgia factor is undeniable. (January 1st)

Binge Alert: Superman: The Movie (1978) – Superman Returns (2006) A good super hero movie back before they were popular. Sure the franchise as a whole isn’t stellar but the first two films are great and I’d take these over anything Superman that Zack Snyder is attached to. “Come son of Jor-El kneel before Zod” (January 1st)

Netflix Original: A Series of Unfortunate Events (2016) Netflix Originals seem to be a bit hit-or-miss to me. I’ve really enjoyed some, while others have been disappointing. My hope is that Neil Patrick Harris can propel this into the former group. If it’s better that the movie version with Jim Carrey I’ll be happy. And from the looks of it, I expect to be very happy. (January 13th)

There’s plenty more being added to enjoy this month but these are a great place to start. What additions are you most looking forward to?

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