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Book Review: The New Voices of Fantasy

With The New Voices of Fantasy, Jacob Weisman and Peter S. Beagle have composed one of the strongest fantasy anthologies I have read in a long time, brimming with extraordinary tales that range from thought-provoking to spine-tingling.

Book Review: Birthrights by J. Kyle McNeal

What I desperately craved reading this novel was grit. I wanted to be lost completely in this world and feel for these characters, but their lack of complexity and individual voice prevented a stronger connection.
Destroyer #3, Boom, Comic Book Review

Destroyer #3 Review

We are halfway through the series and Destroyer is turning out to be a solid thriller. It has all of the usual features like...
Kill the Minotaur #2, Review

Kill the Minotaur #2 Review

The story is progressing along nicely, gaining momentum, working toward a conclusion that promises to redefine the myth at hand. Both the Minotaur and the Labyrinth are truly terrifying, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for readers as we progress forward in this journey.

Royal City #5 Review

Here is a grown up story that reaches for a poignancy that few comics aspire to. For the most part, it succeeds. Despite the...

Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #3 Review

The crazy doesn’t get in the way of telling a cohesive and exciting story at all. In Grrl Scouts anything is possible and if...
Spencer and Locke #4

Spencer & Locke #4 Review

My expectations may have been ramped up too high as I find that the wrap up is disappointing in two ways. First, I didn’t...